Contributor: Samuel Gregory-Manning

Samuel Gregory-ManningSamuel Gregory-Manning works and writes on topics relating to biodiversity, climate change, environment and the European Union. He has previously worked on communications and policy for a major European environmental NGO, the European Parliament and a European-level political foundation. Samuel holds an MA in European Political and Governance Studies from the College of Europe in Bruges and a BSc in Zoology from the University of Bristol.

Children give a presentation about recycling

Talking sustainability on TikTok: how ‘eco-influencers’ communicate

Joachim Allgaier, Professor for Communication and Digital Society at Fulda University (Germany), co-authored an academic paper on environmental communication on TikTok. The study found that the rapidly growing social media platform could have the potential to deal with sustainability issues in short and punchy videos without neglecting the complexity of the topics. He spoke to ...

Poppies growing on disused industrial land, Jerneja Penca interview

Prof. Jerneja Penca: ‘Only recently biodiversity is recognised to play a hugely important role in climate adaptation and mitigation’

Interview with Jerneja Penca, Associate Professor at the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI), Slovenia. She is the Director of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Blue Economy awarded to EMUNI. She is Managing Editor of the International Journal of Euro Mediterranean Studies. And she is also a lead author on the IPBES Transformative change assessment. ...

Poppies growing on disused industrial land, Thomas Elmqvist interview

Prof. Thomas Elmqvist: ‘The awareness now of the climate crisis will also increase people’s interest in taking more care of nature’

Interview with Thomas Elmqvist, professor in natural resource management at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. His work is interdisciplinary, exploring the dynamics of social ecological systems where humans are connected to ecosystems and its feedbacks and interactions. He led the UN-initiated global project “Cities and Biodiversity Outlook” and the Future Earth Project Urban Planet. He currently ...

Nature and Poppies growing on disused industrial land

Bringing biodiversity back from the brink: the EU Nature Restoration Law proposal

In June this year the European Commission released a proposal for a milestone: an EU Nature Restoration Law. It comes at a crucial moment in the crisis the natural world is facing. Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans described it as "threatening the very foundation of our life on Earth". Marking 30 years since the EU last ...

Paris under the smog

COVID-19 and Climate Change: connected crises and lessons to learn

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about worldwide disruption. As societies tentatively begin to reopen, the pandemic holds lessons for how the world faces another globally existential threat, the climate crisis.

Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum, Paris under the smog

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Dr Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum about Covid-19 & climate crisis

Interview with Dr Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum, head of the climate change and health programme at WHO Headquarters. In what ways are the Covid-19 and climate crises similar in how they affect people and their health? Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum: Climate change in itself doesn’t cause COVID-19. We expect that weather, climate and seasonal variation may moderate transmission, but ...

Debbie Rosen & Piers Forster, Paris under the smog

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Dr Debbie Rosen & Professor Piers Forster about Covid-19 & climate crisis

Interview with Dr Debbie Rosen, Science and Policy Manager for the EU Horizon 2020 CONSTRAIN project, based at the University of Leeds, UK, and Prof Piers Forster, professor of climate physics at the University of Leeds, the founding Director of the Priestley International Centre for Climate and PI for the CONSTRAIN project Global economic activity ...

Nathalie MacDermott interview

Balancing the risks: Dr Nathalie MacDermott on lockdown easing and the UK perspective

Dr Nathalie MacDermott is a clinical lecturer at King’s College London, sub-specialising in paediatric infectious diseases in the NHS. She also has significant experience in medical response to disaster and epidemic situations in Africa and Asia Some countries in Europe, including the UK, have begun easing their lockdown restrictions. In what ways can lockdowns be ...