Our mission

Bring scientists, journalists and policymakers together: communicate better science to all!

The European Science-Media Hub (ESMH) creates a network among policymakers, scientists and media involving science, academia, educational and research entities, professional associations of journalists and scientists. We believe that policymakers, scientists and journalists could work better together to provide better science communication to all.

Promoting evidence-based information

More than ever, science and new technologies surround us in our daily lives. Wherever we as citizens rely on scientific sources, we need to be able to trust them and this should be not blind, but informed trust, based on knowledge. Digital revolution, genome editing, and artificial intelligence: we are facing epochal change of our everyday life and everybody should be better informed and involved in the debate about technologies shaping our future.

The ESMH makes information available to journalists, other media and citizens about new scientific developments, as well as about scientific topics that attract media attention and promote information based on evidence.

Platform for dialogue and learning from each other

We would like to offer opportunities for journalists and other communicators to attend or follow physical or online seminars and to help improve their ability to identify trustworthy sources and report on sound science. For journalists and media representative the ESMH will organize training and workshops on current technological developments, both as subjects of their reporting and as means of facilitating their work.

Via media monitoring and media intelligence tool ESMH follows the most popular topics in the field of science and technology on different platforms: magazines, newspapers and social media.