Svetla Tanova
Svetla Tanova

Coordinator of the ESMH

Before joining STOA and EPRS in February 2018 Svetla worked in the European Parliament’s DG Communications for 10 years. She has a journalist background.

Vitalba Crivello picture
Vitalba Crivello

Policy Analyst

With a background in international relations, science policy & communication, she has worked in Brussels for the last 15 years, in EU institutions and consulting firms.

Carolien photo
Carolien Nijenhuis

Policy Analyst

Before joining the team in 2021, she worked at the European Commission (ICT for Health and Ageing), the German embassy and the Belgian doctor’s newspaper. She studied German literature, Philosophy and Journalism.

Régnier Pot

Web Manager

Graphic designer and Web Technical Consultant Specialist for the ESMH and the STOA.


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