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The European Science-Media Hub (ESMH) works with representatives of science organisations, media and society, and is building a network across disciplines and sectors. The ESMH will look into the exchange of best practices in promoting evidence-based information, science communication and raising awareness of the impact of science on everyday decisions. To reach this objective, the ESMH will create a forum for open discussion.

"As a former Executive Director of the Innovative Medicines Initiative, I am very keen to mobilize collective intelligence to move health innovation forward. The European Science Media Hub is an ideal platform to connect policy makers and researchers  in innovation technologies."
Michel Goldman testimonial
Michel Goldman
Founder of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Innovation in healthcare at the ULB

"The ESMH falls within Priority C9 of the Pact4Innovation: Improve Citizens & Investor confidence in Europe a combination of enhanced tools for science communication and dialogue with key stakeholders to increase the understanding in the public for science & innovation in society & strengthen the relationship between scientists, societal stakeholders, media & citizens."

Roland Strauss
Roland Strauss
Managing Director of Knowledge 4 Innovation

Our stakeholders include European institutions and agencies dealing with research and science, academia, educational and research entities, professional associations of journalists and scientists.

"Good journalism is needed to create a Europe based on knowledge - not manipulation, ignorance and superstition."
Jens Degett
Jens Degett
European Science Journalist Association
"The ESMH can serve as a prominent interface bridging the gap between science, policy and the media. In uncertain times of increasing public distrust and societal division, research-intensive universities play a crucial role in delivering evidence-based solutions for our future society."
Bart Valkenaers
Bart Valkenaers
Policy Officer at the League of European Research Universities
"I'd love to see more and more academics actively committed in the democratization of knowledge, in order to feed the public debate."
Sonia Zannad
Sonia Zannad
The Conversation France

The ESMH wants to offer a platform for dialogue for our community via seminars, workshops, conferences and other events.  We believe that only by working together can we provide better science knowledge for European citizens and promote evidence-based information.

"As a scientist, such a network is a fantastic way to communicate my research and scientific methods in general and reach the public and other stakeholders."
Nicolas Wöhrl
Nicolas Wöhrl
Physicist at the Center of Nanointegration
"It’s great to see that the European Parliament has recognised the unique value that independent reporting on science holds for society."
Mićo Tatalović
Chairman of Association of British Science Writers
"The ESMH initiative will be a great step in the right direction to link citizens, scientists, researchers and the media in a meaningful dialogue."
JC Worms
Jean-Claude Worms
Chief Executive at the European Science Foundation (ESF)

The ESMH seeks to become a credible partner, providing:

• Citizens with a way to work together and engage citizens ‘groups, and provide a source of credible information on scientific topics.

• Journalists with a trustworthy source of information and evidence-based knowledge, and a reliable partner for training and enhancement of science-literacy skills.

• Scientists with a platform to promote their work and bring their knowledge and research results closer to citizens, media and policy-makers.

• Policy-makers with a useful platform for contacts and exchange, and a forum for public debate on science-related issues, promoting evidence-based policy.

Stay tuned and:

Contact us if you want to work with us : esmh@europarl.europa.eu

"I hope that the European Science Media Hub might help to connect science communicators across Europe, enabling increased collaboration in our work towards shared goals."
Bethany Baker
Bethany Baker
Sr Media Manager at the Public Library Of Science (PLOS)
"The European Science Media Hub is an important initiative that provides a platform for politicians and scientists to nurture the debate with society at large and to strengthen the visibility of facts and scientific evidence."
Jean-Pierre Bourguignon
President of the Scientific Council, ERC
"Solid evidence is the basis of good science. Citizens deserve to trust the information they receive—they need to be able to get informed opinion separated from “spin” and political agendas."
Martin Hynes
Martin Hynes
President of the European Science Foundation (ESF)