Past Events

European Generation Media Lab panel

“Interactive dialogue on social media platforms can help build public trust” – take aways from the ESMH event at EYE2021

What lessons can we learn from Covid-19 to help us tackle the climate emergency? Has Covid-19 changed the way in which we interact with science? How can we reduce the impact of misinformation? And what roles should policymakers, journalists, scientists, and online platforms play?

Science media days report

Quality information given by experts is like a vaccine against falsehoods

Scientists and experts should be available to communicate with the media, or their spot will be taken by false experts. But providing more information to the audience can also have a negative side effect: overconfidence.

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Science & misinformation: the first pandemic in the digital age

Organised by the European Science-Media Hub (ESMH) in the Panel for the future of Science and Technology (STOA) in cooperation with the European Parliament Liaison Office in Lisbon WORKSHOP IN PORTUGUESE WITHOUT INTERPRETATION Monday 22 March 2021, 10.00 - 11.30 Lisbon time/11:00-12:30 Brussels time How do we protect ourselves from conspiracy theories and disinformation? What ...

Science media days report

Coronavirus: Journalists, researchers and policy-makers discuss tackling misinformation at ESMH event

Everyone is looking for news during the Covid-19 crisis and traditional media play an important role in providing people with reliable health information during the pandemic and helping them to navigate through the effects of the virus. However, misinformation and false information have also increased during the crisis. This particularly affects vulnerable sections of society ...

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Corona: Is misinformation more contagious than the virus?

Virtual event for science journalists, Monday 28 September 2020, 10:00-12:00 via WEBEX.

eymsd2019 past event report

AI, machine learning & automation: what future for journalism?

What does the rise of automation mean to media makers? How is AI affecting journalism? Which role can algorithms play in this changing context and what are the possible ethical implications? How to combine AI and humans in the journalism of the future?

ESMH summer school for young journalists “AI and journalism”, 4-7 June 2019

ESMH summer school for young journalists “AI and journalism”, 4-7 June 2019

The three-day science event for young media-makers has been organised by the European Science-Media Hub with the cooperation of the European Youth Press network (EYP) and it will provide an overview of existing interlinks between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Journalism.

ESMH workshop Virality and influencers in digital communication

ESMH workshop : Virality and influencers in digital communication April 3, 2019

What drives virality on the social media platforms? How can technology carry and amplify messages, so that they "go viral"? Who are the so-called "influencers" and how do they use the social media to increase followers? And how can the European message be conveyed more effectively?