Social Media Monitoring

In this section, the ESMH publishes monthly reports, providing an overview of the online spread of deceptive narratives linked to corona crisis.

The reports are produced via monitoring and analysing of trending disinformation and misinformation news on Covid-19 on some social media platforms and on various websites, and at the moment they are only in English language.

The reports give an overview of the false claims circulating in the last 4 weeks and they are produced by our contractor, Athens Technology Center (ATC) via their social media monitoring tool Truly Media. The tool aggregates related content on COVID-19 from Twitter and Facebook streams. Hundreds of generic results are gathered and further analysed to filter out posts that include mis- and disinformation claims. To complement this collection of results, a search (based on keywords) is conducted online on YouTube, various news outlets, websites, blogs and fact-checking websites.

At the end of the content curation process, the most prominent ‘false claims’ are selected. Some of them were debunked by well-known fact checkers  (factcheck,,,, … etc).


Trending mis- & disinformation topics around Covid-19 on social media – January 2021

pdf_iconTrending mis- & disinformation topics around Covid-19 on social media – December 2020