About ESMH

European Science-Media Hub (ESMH) is a project of the European Parliament’s Panel for the Future of ¬†Science and Technology (STOA). It was launched in 2017 and works under the guidance and the political responsibility of the STOA Panel.

The ESMH :

  • Creates a network between scientists and the media. Setting up and maintaining contacts within and among the science and media communities. Doing it via seminars, workshops, conferences and other events. They involve science, academia, educational and research entities, and professional associations of journalists and scientists.
  • Encourages learning from each other. Offering opportunities for journalists and other communicators. It is made to attend or follow physical or online seminars and coaching or mentoring programmes, or establishing contacts. The purpose is to help improve their ability to identify trustworthy sources and report on sound science.
  • Shares knowledge and follow media trends. Making information available to journalists, other media and citizens. Information about new scientific developments, as well as about scientific topics that attract media attention. Tracking the most popular topics in the field of science and technology on different platforms. They are magazines, newspapers, blogs and social media, via media monitoring and media intelligence tools.