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ESMH Summer School 2022 Katherine Dunn Interview

Katherine Dunn: ‘Climate change isn’t going away, both journalists and their audiences are in this for the long haul’

Katherine Dunn is the Content Editor of the Oxford Climate Journalism Network, a new initiative by the Reuters Institute at the University of Oxford that aims to improve climate coverage in newsrooms worldwide. She was previously an editor at Fortune magazine, where she covered climate change and the energy transition, including writing features on a ...

ESMH Summer School 2022 Kristoffer Frøkjær interview

Kristoffer Frøkjær about constructive journalism: ‘We need to empower people to believe that they can actually do something about climate change’

Kristoffer Frøkjær has been editor and radio host for ten years at the Danish Broadcast Corporation. Furthermore, he has participated in creating the scientific website, lectured about science and media at the University of Copenhagen, and written several books in the field of popular science. Lately he has participated as editor and idea developer ...

ESMH Summer School 2022 Report

Reporting on climate change, a complex task: challenges and solutions

During the three days of the ESMH Summer School "Journalism and climate change: how to tell complex stories", journalists from different countries had a chance to learn about climate change reporting, its complexity and its main issues, but - above all - about possible solutions.   It all started with ... a chameleon, as Tim ...

the challenge of promoting sound science – interview with Simon Clark

The challenge of promoting sound science – interview with Simon Clark

Simon Clark is a scientist who regularly posts online videos covering scientific topics. He also wrote ‘Firmament’ - a book on climate change. In this interview for the European Science-Media Hub Simon Clark talks about the importance of making accurate science information available to citizens and the challenges of getting a complex message across to ...

ESMH Summer School 2022 banner

ESMH Summer School 2022: ‘Journalism and climate change: how to tell complex stories?’

This year’s ESMH Summer School, ‘Journalism and climate change: how to tell complex stories?’, offered journalists a unique opportunity to gain insight in what the EU is doing in the field of climate change, meet prominent science journalists covering environmental topics and learn from their experience.