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Contributor: Carolien Nijenhuis

NIJENHUIS CarolienCarolien Nijenhuis is working as an enthusiastic member of the European Science-Media Hub within the European Parliament. With a background in language, philosophy and journalism, she has a passion for clear writing and science. She has been working since 2001 in Belgium as editor for several newspapers and magazines, as medical journalist and as communication expert at the EU institutions.
She is part of the ESMH team.

Conona Virus news headlines

Mental health in Covid times

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected our mental health? Moreover, are we able to bounce back from this?

Raffael Kalisch interview, Conona Virus news headlines

Using technology to cope with stress-related mental health problems

Interview with Raffael Kalisch An EU-funded research project, DynaMORE, has been developing an app that helps the user to prevent, or quickly recover from stress-related mental health problems. We speak with project coordinator and professor for Human Neuroimaging Raffael Kalisch of the Johannes Gutenberg University Medical Center, Mainz. With his team, he generated and validated ...

Angela Kunzler & Klaus Lieb, Conona Virus news headlines

Interview with Prof Klaus Lieb & Dr Angela Kunzler: Covid-19 & how to protect our mental health

Interview with Prof Klaus Lieb & Dr Angela Kunzler. How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected our mental health? Moreover, have we been able to bounce back? A new study about resilience amid the Covid-19 pandemic in the EU will be presented at an event of the European Parliament’s Panel for the Future of Science and ...

Low poly brain illustration isolated on blue BG

Jan G. Bjaalie on international brain research: “We are now in a critical phase”

“Catalysing and advancing neuroscience research through international collaboration and knowledge sharing. Uniting diverse ambitions to expand scientific possibility. And disseminating discoveries for the benefit of humanity.” With this intention, brain researchers all over the world joined forces and formed the International Brain Initiative in December 2017. One of its leading experts is Jan G. Bjaalie, ...

ESMH interview digital health-technologies

Putting the ‘e’ in e-Health – Interview with health IT expert Dr Aavikso

On 21 September, the Panel for the Future of Science and Technology of the European Parliament (STOA) is holding a workshop called ‘Putting the 'e' in e-Health’. Keynote speaker is Dr Ain Aaviksoo. We questioned him about the future of healthcare, the benefits of blockchain, the European Health Data Space and the obstacles you encounter ...

Dan Larhammar interview, The concept of news. Folded stack of Newspapers on laptop

European scientists unite against disinformation: “It can have severe consequences for human health and our economies”

A group of European scientists has made it their mission to raise awareness about disinformation, its mechanisms and its dangers. They belong to ALLEA, the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities. This organisation brings researchers from all over Europe together; in various working groups and projects they explore topics of high societal relevance ...