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Henry Ajder interview: The human finger delicately touches the finger of a robot's metallic finger. Concept of harmonious coexistence of humans and AI technology

Henry Ajder on generative AI: ‘We need a balance between excitement and supervision’

Henry Ajder is a renowned expert on generative artificial intelligence (AI) and deepfakes. He advises companies and governments including Adobe, Meta and the European Commission on the impact of AI on business and society. Ajder also hosted "The Future Will Be Synthesised", a BBC radio series on deepfakes and synthetic media. A German photographer has ...

Nicholas Diakopoulos interview, A little robot near a keyboard of a laptop

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Nicholas Diakopoulos about AI in journalism

Interview with Nicholas Diakopoulos, associate professor in communication studies and computer science at Northwestern University where he directs the Computational Journalism Lab (CJL). His research focuses on computational journalism, including aspects of automation and algorithms in news production, algorithmic accountability and transparency, and social media in news contexts. One of the conclusions of the 2019 ...

Prof Natali Helberger, A little robot near a keyboard of a laptop

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Prof Natali Helberger about AI in journalism

Interview with Natali Helberger, distinguished university professor of law and digital technology, with a special focus on AI, and affiliated with the Institute for Information Law (IVIR) of the University of Amsterdam. Her research focus is on how digitization, algorithms and AI are transforming the media and its implications for public values, diversity in the ...

A little robot near a keyboard of a laptop

AI in journalism : with power come responsibilities

Media organisations worldwide show a growing awareness and adoption of artificial intelligence for information gathering, storytelling and news distribution. Given the potential transformative power of AI in journalism, media organisations must consider how best to use AI tools to fulfill their mission. They should reflect on the impacts that AI in journalism has on democracy, diversity and public values.

Ray pinto interview

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Ray Pinto on Europe’s digital response to Covid-19

Ray Pinto, Digital Transformation Policy Director for DIGITALEUROPE, highlights the importance of harnessing the power of digital and of sharing essential data to fight the disease whilst maintaining data protection safeguards. What is DIGITALEUROPE doing in response to this crisis? Ray Pinto: We are making digital-focused recommendations in collaboration with our Executive Advisory Group on ...

Dr Renaud Lancelot interview

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Dr Renaud Lancelot on data-driven solutions to the Covid-19 pandemic

Data-driven solutions to the Covid-19 pandemic, a scientist's opinion Dr Renaud Lancelot, a veterinary epidemiologist coordinating the recently funded Horizon 2020 project: MOnitoring Outbreak events for Disease surveillance in a data science context (MOOD), highlights how networks of data-science experts are helping public health agencies prepare for and address emerging diseases. How will the MOOD ...

e-Governance: the Estonian Case

e-Governance: the Estonian Case

Estonia is one of two countries worldwide to offer an e-Residency, a government-issued status and identity granting access to the EU’s digital business environment. Even Barack Obama is an Estonian e-Resident. Which challenges do e-Residency and e-Governance in general pose for the public sector, and how does scientific research evaluate the digital transformation?