STOA study Technology & social polarisation ESMH

STOA Study : Technology and social polarisation

Consult the full study With the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it became clear how technologies such as social media and techniques such as psychological profiling can be combined in election campaigns with worrying effects. Personalised political messaging is highly automated. It starts and ends with social media, which provides both the data for categorising users and ...

STOA study Polarisation & the news media in Europe ESMH

STOA Study : Polarisation and the news media in Europe

This report describes a review of the literature examining the effect of news use on polarisation across Europe. In considering work concerned with both the supply side of news (news production) and the demand side (news consumption), the report concludes that across Europe there is as yet little evidence to support the idea that increased ...

A scientist's opinion Kajsa Falasca about online disinformation in elections ESMH interview

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Kajsa Falasca about online disinformation in elections

Interview with Kajsa Falasca, Senior Lecturer and Assistant Professor at the Department of Media and Communication Science (MKV) at the research centre DEMICOM at Mid University Sweden. Prior to last year's elections in Sweden, huge numbers of fake news items were posted on Twitter, concerning Islam and immigration among other issues. In your experience, how ...