ESMH Summer school 2023 video report

Video report – ESMH Summer School 2023: ‘Storytelling in science’

2023 ESMH Summer School: Storytelling in science Making complex scientific concepts understandable and interesting is no easy task. Yet it is crucial to make science more accessible to the wider public. The 2023 European Science-Media Hub (ESMH) Summer School ‘Storytelling in science’ offered young media professionals a unique opportunity to gain insight into science journalism, ...

Interview Anna Davies: Weather Condition News Report Climate Forecasting Meteorology

A scientist’s opinion: interview with Anna Davies on climate change and education systems

Climate change and education systems: What role can education systems play in combating the climate crisis? Interview with Anna Davies, Professor of Geography and Director of the Environmental Governance Research Group at Trinity College Dublin. How do you rate the education systems in Europe in terms of their impact on climate change awareness in younger ...

children, Education, artificial, intelligence and business idea concept

Science for children: shaping the future by expanding young minds

Children are the future. A future that will depend on their ability to make informed decisions on complex topics. Gaining scientific literacy and critical thinking skills will help secure that future.

Education, artificial, intelligence and business idea concept. Laura Henderson interview.

A scientist’s opinion: interview with Laura Henderson on science communication and children

Laura Henderson: "We need to give children access to today's discoveries so they can lead the world of tomorrow" Interview with Laura Henderson, Head of the Program for Public Outreach of Frontiers for Young Minds (FYM), a journal that offers science to children, edited by children. What is Frontiers for Young Minds? Laura Henderson: FYM ...

Education, artificial, intelligence and business idea concept. Rita Campos interview.

A scientist’s opinion: interview with Rita Campos on science communication and children

Interview with Rita Campos, researcher at the Centre for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra (CES-UC), member of the Observatory for Education Policies and Professional Development, and co-coordinator of the Working Group "Citizen Science and Education" What drove you to get involved in science communication for children? Rita Campos: My personal answer is that ...

EU project : CARTNET

EU Project : CARTNET

CARTNET : This project trains young researchers in Europe to address serious and global problems of antibiotic resistance. CARTNET, which started begin 2018,  will focus on alternative approaches to handle antibiotic resistance and treating resistant infections in both humans and animals. It will provide competences to young researchers and future policymakers that will allow them ...