Towards a European climate label?

Towards a European climate label?

Climate labels on consumer products provide information so people can compare their impact on global warming. The idea is to help consumers to shop more sustainably. But for various reasons, existing climate labels have had a limited effect on consumer behaviour. Some believe that a pan-European label might prove more effective. At its recent event, ...

Four detergents with comparable traffic light climate labels

The challenges of a European climate label

Trying to shop sustainably? Climate labels aim to assist consumers to choose the products that cause the lowest amount of global warming. But are they really effective? And would a general, standardised European climate label help? We asked Prof. Bo Weidema, an expert at the Danish Centre for Environmental Assessment. On 20 March 2023, he ...

Lab-grown meat ESMH press review

ESMH Press Review – February 27, 2019

Lab-grown meat, alternative fuels, GMO labels and pseudo-science : check the latest ESMH selection of 17 science and tech news published in the last 2 weeks on the web. Pick your favourite from the most popular topics in the mainstream media!