Scientist: Verena Winiwarter

Winiwarter Verena profileDr. Verena Winiwarter is an Austrian environmental historian. She is currently teaching at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. She has been Professor for Environmental History at the Institute of Social Ecology, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria.

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A scientist’s opinion: interview with Verena Winiwarter on climate change and education systems

Climate change and education systems: What role can education systems play in the climate crisis? Interview with Verena Winiwarter, Professor of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. How do you rate the Education systems in Europe in relation to climate change awareness of younger ages? Verena Winiwarter: I think we ...

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How could the education system motivate young people to take climate action?

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges in our society. Scientists are researching the role of the education system in combating global warming and how it could motivate younger generations to take climate action. Undoubtedly, one of the most important challenges that the European Union will face in the years to come is climate ...