Scientist: Tim Harford

Jari Lyytimäki profile pictureTim Harford is an economist, journalist and broadcaster. He is author of “How To Make the World Add Up” / “The Data Detective”, “Messy”, and the million-selling “The Undercover Economist”. Tim is a senior columnist at the Financial Times, and the presenter of BBC Radio’s “More or Less”, “How To Vaccinate The World”, and “Fifty Things That Made the Modern Economy”, as well as the podcast “Cautionary Tales”. Tim has spoken at TED, PopTech and the Sydney Opera House. He is an associate member of Nuffield College, Oxford and an honorary fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. Tim was made an OBE for services to improving economic understanding in the New Year honours of 2019.

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A scientist’s opinion: Interview with Tim Harford about climate change & Covid-19 recovery

Interview with Tim Harford, UK economist, journalist and broadcaster, and author of books including How to Make the World Add Up. What are your thoughts on the crossover between Covid-19 and the climate crisis, and how that’s being handled in the media? Tim Harford: It’s probably worth starting with the obvious huge difference, which is ...

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Not going back to the way things were: climate change and Covid-19 recovery

Over the past year, the Covid-19 crisis has caused us to reflect on how we interact with our natural environment. As the world plans recovery from the pandemic and this November’s COP26 Climate Change Conference looms into view, now may be a key juncture in understanding how to best align these priorities – something that could have implications not just for the world in general, but for the media too.