Scientist: Simon Clark

Simon Clark profileSimon Clark is a videomaker and science communicator from Bristol, UK. He finished his PhD in theoretical atmospheric physics at the University of Exeter, researching dynamical stratosphere-troposphere coupling over the Arctic with Prof. Mark Baldwin. Prior to this he studied physics at St Peter’s College, University of Oxford, obtaining his masters degree and specialising in theoretical and atmospheric physics.
Starting to create YouTube videos in 2010, his YouTube channel SimonOxfPhys initially focused on helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds apply to prestigious universities. Videos specifically focused on giving an insider’s perspective on the admissions process and coaching applicants through the interview process at Oxford and Cambridge, giving advice that he wished he had received when applying to Oxford from a state school. After moving to Exeter for his PhD his video output changed to focus more on science – including two educational series about the physics of the atmosphere and the cryosphere – and vlogging about life as a graduate student.

the challenge of promoting sound science – interview with Simon Clark

The challenge of promoting sound science – interview with Simon Clark

Simon Clark is a scientist who regularly posts online videos covering scientific topics. He also wrote ‘Firmament’ - a book on climate change. In this interview for the European Science-Media Hub Simon Clark talks about the importance of making accurate science information available to citizens and the challenges of getting a complex message across to ...

European Generation Media Lab panel

“Interactive dialogue on social media platforms can help build public trust” – takeaways from the ESMH event at EYE2021

What lessons can we learn from Covid-19 to help us tackle the climate emergency? Has Covid-19 changed the way in which we interact with science? How can we reduce the impact of misinformation? And what roles should policymakers, journalists, scientists, and online platforms play?

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Simon Clark: “Scientists need to clarify the audience that they’re trying to reach and identify the sub-genre of YouTube video that they want to use.”

A scientist’s opinion: Interview with Simon Clark about using YouTube as a platform to communicate science. Simon Clark is a video maker and science communicator with a PhD in theoretical atmospheric physics. He has created YouTube content since 2010 and is currently working on communicating science through an educational and science-related series on this platform. ...