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Richard Fisher ESMH ScientistRichard Fisher is a 2019-2020 Knight Science Journalism Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a senior journalist for the BBC, with a role that has involved leading the science and technology website BBC Future and overseeing the Features sites. He is a former news and feature editor at New Scientist.

From COVID-19 to climate change seeing the issues beyond the news cycle

From COVID-19 to climate change: seeing the issues beyond the news cycle

COVID-19 and climate change may seem to belong to different worlds. However, direct causal links can be discovered by looking through a systems thinking lens. How should journalists and science communicators report on complex issues like climate change?

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A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Richard Fisher about systems thinking

Interview with Richard Fisher, senior editor at the BBC. You've spent a year at MIT as a Knight Science Journalism (KSJ) fellow to research 'short-termism' in today's society. What have you discovered? Richard Fisher: As a KSJ Fellow, I set out to answer a number of questions that I believe are important for understanding short-termism ...