Scientist: Nicolas Spatola

Nicolas SpatolaNicolas Spatola is currently leading research on social robotics, AI, and algorithmic bias at the CNRS Laboratory of Social and Cognitive Psychology, University of Clermont Auvergne in France. He holds a PhD in cognitive psychology, and recently published a book entitled « Artificial Intelligence : from a technological to a social revolution. » He regularly intervenes in high-level conferences and publications, on topics ranging from the social consequences of AI to the detection of bias in algorithms.

A scientist's opinion : Nicolas Spatola about AI and Democracy

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Nicolas Spatola about AI and Democracy

Several experiments have shown that AI could reproduce human cognitive bias such as sexism, racism and even become psychopathic.

Towards a democratically upgraded artificial intelligence

Towards a democratically upgraded Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence challenges democracies but democratic institutions, especially in the EU, are not mere bystanders and are in the process of supporting AI and providing a legal framing, through education and regulation.