Scientist: Nicholas Diakopoulos

Nicholas Diakopoulos ESMH scientistNicholas Diakopoulos is an Assistant Professor in Communication Studies and Computer Science (by courtesy) at Northwestern University where he directs the Computational Journalism Lab. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech where he was involved in the early development of the field of Computational Journalism. His research is in computational and data journalism with active projects on algorithmic accountability and transparency, automation and algorithms in news production, and social media in news contexts. He is author of the book, Automating the News: How Algorithms are Rewriting the Media from Harvard University Press.

The use of AI in data journalism

The use of AI in data journalism : what are the ethical implications ?

Artificial intelligence is already being used in some newsrooms to mine data, create algorithms and automatically generate content. Using this technology on a daily basis raises new questions for journalists. Some experts claim that we are living a transitional phase, and that we have to make a decision about the future use of this technology ...