Scientist: Mike S. Schäfer

Mike S. SchäferDr. Mike S. Schäfer is professor of science communication and director of the Center of Higher Education and Science Studies at the University of Zurich. His work focuses on public attitudes towards science, science communication in legacy news and social media, and on scientific dis- and misinformation. He has published widely on these issues, most recently on science-related populism and public perceptions of the replication crisis.

Mike S. Schäfer interview: Chatgpt, AI or Artificial Intelligence technology, business use AI smart technology by inputting, deep learning Neural networks to understand, respond to user inputs. future technology

Prof. Mike S. Schäfer on ChatGPT and other generative AI tools: ‘A gamechanger for science communication’

Mike S. Schäfer, Professor of Science Communication at the University of Zürich (Switzerland), has been investigating communication and artificial intelligence (AI) for several years. He is currently focussing on how the development of the technology and its impact on society are envisioned in public debates in China, the US and Germany. He has recently published ...