Scientist: Laurence Vardaxoglou

Laurence Vardaxoglou profilLaurence Vardaxoglou is a Doctoral Researcher at Kantar Public and PhD candidate at the Paris School of Economics. He studies the impact of fake news on public opinion and behaviours, using survey data and experimental methods. His work in particular explores the extent to which false claims lead us to make sub-optimal decisions, both in the context of climate change, but also in elections. He is currently working on a series of studies that explore the influence of fake news during the 2022 French Presidential election. Prior to joining Kantar Public, Laurence worked as a consultant for communications firm Ogilvy.

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Laurence Vardaxoglou: ‘The climate-ambivalent community in Europe is large and deserves attention’

A surprisingly high proportion of European citizens are ambiguous about human responsibility in climate change. This group is especially susceptible to disinformation and is large enough to hinder climate action.