Scientist: Karim Lekadir

Karim Lekadir profileDr. Karim Lekadir is a Ramon y Cajal Researcher and Director of the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Lab at the Universitat de Barcelona (BCN-AIM). He holds a PhD from Imperial College London (UK) and was previously a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University (USA). His current research focuses on the development of data science and machine learning approaches for the analysis of large-scale biomedical data, including imaging, biological, clinical, lifestyle and mobile data. He is the Scientific Coordinator of several large-scale research projects funded by the EC and related to big data and artificial intelligence, such as in the field of cardiology (euCanSHare) and oncology (EuCanImage).

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Prof. Karim Lekadir: Applications, risks, ethical and societal impacts of AI in healthcare

Interview with Prof. Karim Lekadir, Director of the 'Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Lab' at the Universitat de Barcelona (BCN-AIM). He co-authored a study for the European Parliament's Panel on the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) entitled 'Artificial Intelligence in healthcare: Applications, risks, ethical and societal impacts' which he will present on 11 February 2022 ...