Scientist: David Graus

David GrausDavid Graus is a data scientist with a PhD in information retrieval and natural language processing. In his current role as lead data scientist for the SMART Journalism and SMART Radio team at FD Mediagroep he works on bringing AI to media, through algorithmic personalization and summarization. He acquired his PhD degree at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in 2017, where he worked under supervision of prof. dr. Maarten de Rijke at the Information and Language Processing Systems Group (ILPS). His research focused on semantic search and computational methods for automated understanding of large-scale textual digital traces, in the context of e-discovery and digital forensics. Going further back, he has a background in the media, and worked as editor for online and radio.

David Graus a scientist's opinion about AI-tools for journalists

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with David Graus about AI-tools for journalists

Interview with David Graus, AI-researcher and data scientist working for FD Mediagroep in The Netherlands, on developing AI-tools for journalists. Which AI-tools for journalists are you in your company developing? David Graus: We are working on two project. One is called SMART Journalism, the other is called SMART radio. Both projects are funded by Google’s ...

AI could boost journalism with smart tools ESMH article

AI could boost journalism with smart tools

Artificial intelligence could be used in the newsrooms and journalists should be trained and prepared for the impact on communication. Experts think that AI can both free journalists from doing the boring stuff and can give them clever new tools for doing things they could never do before. But in the wrong hands, the same technology can also be used to spread disinformation.