Scientist: Daniele Fanelli

Daniele Fanelli profileProfessor Daniele Fanelli is a meta-scientist at the London School of Economics (LSE), Department of Methodology. He teaches research methods to investigate science and possible issues with scientific evidence. Daniele graduated in Natural Sciences, earned a PhD in Behavioural Ecology and trained as a science communicator before devoting his postdoctoral career to studying the nature of science itself – a field increasingly known as meta-science or meta-research. He has been primarily interested in assessing and explaining the prevalence, causes and remedies to problems that may affect research and publication practices across the natural and social sciences. Further details can be found at

Handwriting text writing Research Ethics. Conceptual photo interested in the analysis of ethical issues that raised

Peer pressure, social media, mainstream science

Science watcher Dr. Daniele Fanelli, London School of Economics, speaks about “the devil's details” when practicing research integrity. Honesty, responsibility, fairness and accountability are the principles of research integrity. These are the common standards for any responsible job. Why, then, is it so important to emphasise integrity in research and make it a buzz in politics ...