Scientist: Cliona Howie del Rio

Cliona Howie ESMH ScientistCliona Howie del Rio is the head of circular economy development and transition for EIT Climate-KIC. She has been working as an environmental consultant for over 20 years, starting as an expert in environmental impact assessment and transitioning to sustainable industry and circular economy business models. Cliona has held important roles such as championing sustainable business in SMEs as the Chairman for the Environment Sector Group for the European Commission’s Enterprise Europe Network for several years, as well as sitting on a range of committees and working groups for the European Commission to influence policy and EU funding programs, including the Circular Economy Expert Finance Group.

From COVID-19 to climate change seeing the issues beyond the news cycle

From COVID-19 to climate change: seeing the issues beyond the news cycle

COVID-19 and climate change may seem to belong to different worlds. However, direct causal links can be discovered by looking through a systems thinking lens. How should journalists and science communicators report on complex issues like climate change?

scientist opinion Cliona Howie del rio

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Cliona Howie Del Rio about systems thinking

Interview with Cliona Howie Del Rio, Head of Circular Economy at Climate-KIC and coordinator of CICERONE. We are living in a society full of uncertainty at the moment. What are the most urgent issues that need to be solved from your perspective? Cliona Howie Del Rio: The most urgent issue that needs to be solved ...