Scientist: Chris Marsden

chris marsden ESMH scientistChris Marsden is Professor of Internet Law at the University of Sussex and a renowned international expert on Internet and new media law, having researched and taught in the field for over twenty years. Chris researches regulation by code – whether legal, software or social code. He is author of five monographs on Internet law including “Net neutrality: From Policy to Law to Regulation” (2017), “Regulating Code” (2013 with Prof. Ian Brown), “Internet Co-regulation” (2011). He is author of many refereed articles, book chapters, professional articles, papers in selected proceedings, keynote addresses, and other scholarly contributions.

A scientist opinion, Trisha Meyer & Chris Marsden, an ESMH interview

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Dr Trisha Meyer & Prof Chris Marsden about Technology & Disinformation

"In struggling to find a sustainable business model for the online environment, many traditional media providers have become almost exclusively reliant on advertising."

The promise and limitations of technological solutions to disinformation © Inked Pixels / Shutterstock

The promise and limitations of technological solutions to disinformation

How useful can machine-learning be in dealing with vectors of disinformation such as deep fakes or bots, and what are the implications of AI-powered fact-checking and deprioritising systems for media pluralism and freedom of expression?