Scientist: Catelijne Muller

Catelijne Muller profileCatelijne Muller is president and co-founder of ALLAI, an independent organisation that promotes responsible development, deployment and use of AI. She was a member of the former EU High Level Expert Group on AI that advised the European Commission on economic, social, legal and ethical strategies for AI. She still advises the Council of Europe on the impact of AI on human rights, democracy and the rule of law. Catelijne is a Master of Laws by training and worked as a Dutch qualified lawyer for over 14 years prior to committing her efforts to the topic of Responsible AI.

Artificial Intelligence Conscience - Existential Risk from Artificial General Intelligence

Raising awareness of the societal impact of AI

Interview with Catelijne Muller, president of ALLAI, an independent organisation to promote responsible artificial intelligence (AI). She talks about her view on the public perception of AI. Ask teenagers to unlock their smartphones, open their social media apps and then show everything openly to their neighbour, and of course they will say: "No way we’re ...