Scientist: Anja Bechmann

Anja Bechmann ESMH Scientist

Anja Bechmann is professor at Media Studies and director of DATALAB – Center for Digital Social Research. Her research examines social media communication and collective behavior using large-scale data collection and applied machine learning. Bechmann’s field of research are digital sociology, privacy, critical algorithmic and AI studies and digital news studies. She is board member of the Danish Council for IT Security and ATV’s Digital Sages and appointed member of the Academy of Technical Sciences. She acts as a supervisor for MA and PhD theses within the area of digital social research. She is member of several editorial boards, reviewer for international high-ranked journals within her field and has acted as assessment committee member for grant applications, professorships and PhD defenses. Her research has been funded by national and international research councils such as the Danish Council for Independent Research, Swedish Research Council, Danish Agency for Science and Innovation, Horizon 2020 and Aarhus University Research Foundation.

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SOMA consortium scales up anti-disinformation efforts across EU Member States

Horizon-2020-supported Social Observatory for Disinformation and Social Media Analysis links academic, technological and media expertise to combat disinformation (SOMA).

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Anja Bechmann

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Anja Bechmann about SOMA consortium

Interview with Anja Bechmann, Professor of Media Studies and Director at DATALAB - Center for Digital Social Research. Regarding SOMA, your research will look at psychological principles relating to disinformation. Can you elaborate on that? Anja Bechmann: The ‘fake news’ discussion revolves around the underlying assumption that if we prevent ‘fake news’ from occurring, our ...