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Media review

The European Science Media Hub media review is a selection of news chosen by the ESMH team via media intelligence.
The ESMH team regularly tracks the most popular topics in the science and technology field on traditional media and on twitter.
The main purpose of this media review is to share knowledge and to provide the ESMH public with a fair-minded overview of scientific topics that attract media attention.
The media review is published every two weeks and contains eight reading sections, each of them identified by an image and/or colour. Scientific topics are clustered into five main areas, four thematic areas  digital transition, environmental sustainability, mobility & energy, agriculture & food, health), and one overarching theme (science policy & communications). The sixth section will cover the presence of scientific news related to the ESMH, the European Parliament and other EU institutions in the media, and the seventh and final section gathers ‘curious stories’ that could call for some scientific attention.
The opening section – ‘In the spotlight’ – includes information identified as ‘prominent’ in the wider flow of news and could offer various perspectives, opinions and reading angles to the audience.
Enjoy your reading & stay tuned to the ESMH!

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ESMH Press Review – December 12, 2018

Here is the ESMH selection of science and tech news published in the last two weeks all around the web. Pick your favourite from the most popular topics in the mainstream media.