ESMH Press Review – July 3, 2019

Solar energy, sustainable transport and easier healthy cooking making : check the ESMH selection of 25 science & tech news published in the last 2 weeks on the web. Pick your favourite from the most popular topics in the mainstream media !

In the spotlight

Space weather causes years of radiation damage to satellites using electric propulsion
alphagalileo, 01.07.2019
The use of electric propulsion for raising satellites into geostationary orbit can result in significant solar cell degradation according to a new study. The extended journey results in greater exposure to the damaging effects of space weather.
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Danish researchers create worldwide solar energy model
eurekalert, 01.07.2019
Solar cells are currently the world’s most talked-about renewable energy source, and for any future sustainable energy system, it is crucial to know about the performance of photovoltaic systems at local, regional and global levels.
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Fossil fuel use must end, scientists warn
voanews, 01.07.2019
The world can’t afford to build any more fossil fuel burning plants if it hopes to avoid catastrophic climate change, according to a in the journal Nature.
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Agriculture & Environment

Agriculture & Environment Media Review

Combination of water scarcity and inflexible demand puts world’s river basins at risk
news-uci, 01.07.2019
The study’s authors analyzed trends in global water usage from 1980 to 2016, with a particular focus on so-called inflexible consumption, the curtailment of which would cause significant financial and societal hardship.
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China issues guideline to boost rural industries
xinhuanet_en, 28.06.2019
China has issued a guideline to boost rural industries in a bid to vitalize the country’s vast countryside. Rural areas should seek integration of the development of agriculture, industry and the tertiary sector, whose added value should enjoy a significant raise in its share of township GDP within five to ten years, according to the guidelines released by the State Council.
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Ant farmers boost plant nutrition
eurekalert, 25.06.2019
Humans began cultivating crops about 12,000 years ago. Ants have been at it rather longer. Leafcutter ants, the best-known insect farmers, belong to a lineage of insects that have been running fungus farms based on chopped-up vegetable matter for over 50 million years.
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Scientists discover a new way to provide plants the nutrients they need to thrive
techcrunch, 24.06.2019
Researchers have discovered a new method for delivering key nutrients to plant roots – without having to ensure they’re present in the soil where the plants are growing. A landmark study greatly increases the efficiency of surface delivery of nutrients and pesticides to plants.
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Transport & Energy

Transport & Energy Media Review

Ministry of railways of Republic of India : use of environment friendly technologies in railways
4-traders, 28.06.2019
Indian Railways uses approximately 56 million units of electrical energy per day. Indian Railways is taking the following steps for giving a thrust for use of environmental friendly technologies: railway electrification of tracks – IR has decided to electrify 100% of its broad gauge rail routes in mission mode; as a green mode of transport.
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Lack of public transport affecting our health
cyprus-mail, 28.06.2019
There is little sustainable transport in Cyprus compared to other European countries, something that has severe repercussions, mainly increasing the amount of pollutants in the atmosphere and health problems among the population, Environment Commissioner Ioanna Panayiotou said on Friday.
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Alphabet’s smart city will track its citizens, but promises to protect their data
technologyreview, 24.06.2019
Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Alphabet, has released its first blueprints for redeveloping Toronto’s waterfront. The plan highlights the privacy challenges that come with building smart cities capable of tracking their inhabitants in unprecedented detail.
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Information society

Information society Media Review

Digital transformation of business creates dazzling new winners
forbes, 28.06.2019
This is setting up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It makes sense to buy infrastructure providers at every opportunity. It’s like buying weapons-makers ahead of a war. Mary Meeker, the celebrated internet analyst turned venture capitalist, has a great sequence in her just-released “2019 Internet Trends” slide deck.
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EY’s Frank O’Dea: ‘The accountant of the future will be assisted by AI’
siliconrepublic, 28.06.2019
Frank O’Dea from EY reveals the extent to which accountants are being prepared for the tsunami of AI-powered disruption that is coming their way. Frank O’Dea is chief innovation officer for EY in Ireland. He joined the company in 2012 to lead the firm’s performance improvement advisory practice in Ireland.
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More parents turn to internet monitoring technology aimed at children
irishtimes, 27.06.2019
“There’s a demand not just to protect the physical side of family life but also the virtual side. Younger people weren’t being served.” Interest in internet monitoring technology aimed at children and teenagers has increased in recent weeks in the wake of the Ana Kriegel murder trial, industry experts claim.
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Food & Health

Food & Health Media Review

Poor sleep affects nutrients’ uptake 21 mins ago
ngrguardiannews, 28.06.2019
Many people get less than the recommended amount of sleep, and many do not consume the recommended amounts of important vitamins and minerals. A new study suggests the two factors may be connected.
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Omega-3 fatty acids found in seafood vital for pregnant women, babies
upi, 24.06.2019
Omega-3 fatty acids, found in foods including fatty fish and flaxseed, may be best known for their link to heart health, but they’re also vital for pregnant women and their babies.
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Science policy & Communication

Science policy & Communication Media Review

5G to play a significant role in entertainment and education
sinacom, 28.06.2019
With the deployment of a fifth-generation network in China that comes with high speed and low latency, industrial applications including education and entertainment will discover new market opportunities.
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Researchers develop new tool which detects deepfakes with 96 percent accuracy
nypost, 25.06.2019
Researchers have developed a new tool that could be a crucial part of the fight against deepfakes.
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EU initiatives

Finnish presidency hopes for 2050 climate target by 2020
euobserver, 27.06.2019
Finland takes over the six-month rotating presidency of the council of the EU in July, and a key priority for the 5.5m-strong country is climate action. “Our presidency’s slogan will be ‘Sustainable Europe, Sustainable Future’,” Rinne said.
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At a Glance – What if policy anticipated advances in science and technology?
europarl, 26.06.2019
What if policy anticipated advances in science and technology? What if blockchain revolutionised voting? What if your emotions were tracked to spy on you? And what if we genetically engineered an entire species? Science and policy are intricately connected.
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Curious news

How to grow food in an apartment or condo
CBC, 28.06.2019
A few months ago, my roommate Alex and I had a revelation. As we were hauling overfilled bags of trash down the hall to the disposal for the third time that week, it hit us: How were four people producing this much garbage?
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5 ways to make healthy cooking easier
treehugger, 28.06.2019
It’s the eternal struggle for anyone tasked with feeding themselves. “How do I make healthy cooking easier?” This is one of the questions tackled earlier this month on the College Info Geek podcast, in response to a question submitted by a listener.
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Baby wipes, tents and private jets: festivals vow to go green
trust, 28.06.2019
Glastonbury festival has banned plastic bottles for the first time this year to prevent more than 1 million bottles going into landfill.
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Welcome to a special ‘Eco Hero’ edition of Eco Africa
deutschewelle-en, 28.06.2019
On this week’s special edition of Eco Africa, we’re focusing on environment heroes who have been going above and beyond to do their bit for the planet.
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