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The pandemic, the media & the public: The challenge of communicating evidence-based information

More than one year into the pandemic, communicating sound science to the public remains a big challenge for media makers. Debating science in the public sphere implies acknowledging some uncertainty. Science journalists and science communicators are struggling with matching the growing demand for evidence, factual and knowledge-based information. How can we put lessons learned into ...

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ESMH at EuroScience Open Forum 2020

The ESMH/STOA study "Disinformation & Science" findings were presented at ESOF2020 roundtable discussion on 4 September 2020. The EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) is a biennial, pan-European, general science conference dedicated to scientific research. The 2020 event brought together over 4 500 leading thinkers, innovators, policy-makers, journalists and educators from more than 90 countries, to discuss current and future breakthroughs in contemporary ...

Workshop in Milan : Techno-Scientific expertise and disinformation

Workshop in Milan : Techno-Scientific expertise and disinformation

Last Friday 14th February, the European Science-Media Hub was presented at the workshop of STS Italia. It was made in cooperation with the interdisciplinary network of Social Sciences and Humanities of Milano Politecnico (META). The workshop dealt with the intersection between techno-scientific expertise, the disinformation phenomenon and the role of media in this landscape called ...

Debate on the disinformation phenomenon in Varese december 2019

Positive narratives to beat disinformation

A rich debate on the “disinformation phenomenon” took place 9 and Tuesday 10 Dec. It was in Varese, where the Joint Research Centre (JRC) organised a workshop on the topic.

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European Science-Media Hub (ESMH) at the main forum of science journalism : the 11th World Conference of Science Journalists in Lausanne

The project ESMH, its mission and its offer for science journalists were presented at the World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ) 2019. It attracted 1137 registered delegates from 83 countries to Lausanne between 1-5 July. The participants could hear about the ESMH training activities for journalists and its efforts to promote evidence-based information at the ...

Perugia audience ESMH mission

Presentations of the ESMH for journalists in Italy

The ESMH presented its mission, activities and its facilities for journalists. They meet at three important journalism fora this spring. The International Journalism Festival (4 April, Perugia). The 7th national congress of science writers in Italy (19 March, Naples). And the International Science Journalism School (10 April, Erice).