Contributor: Vitalba Crivello

Vitalba Crivello pictureVitalba Crivello is a Science Policy and Science Communication expert working with enthusiasm at the European Science-Media Hub. With a background in International Political Economy & Political Communication, she has been working in Brussels since 2005, covering different Policy, Project and Communication roles within the EU Institutions and in consultancies, with a focus on Research and Innovation Policy.

She is part of the ESMH team.

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The pandemic, the media & the public: The challenge of communicating evidence-based information

More than one year into the pandemic, communicating sound science to the public remains a big challenge for media makers. Debating science in the public sphere implies acknowledging some uncertainty. Science journalists and science communicators are struggling with matching the growing demand for evidence, factual and knowledge-based information. How can we put lessons learned into ...

Suiter & Eileen Culloty interview: provenance dictionnary definition

A scientist’s opinion: Interview with Professor Jane Suiter & Eileen Culloty about the EU Project Provenance

Eileen Culloty is a post-doctoral researcher at the DCU Institute for Future Media, Democracy and Society, where she leads research on countering disinformation as part of the Provenance project. She sits on the management board of JOLT, where she investigates how to harness digital and data technology for journalism. Eileen is co-author, alongside Jane Suiter, ...

Professor Owen Conlan interivew, provenance dictionnary definition

A scientist’s opinion: Interview with Professor Owen Conlan about the EU Project Provenance

Professor Owen Conlan is a researcher and educator at Trinity College Dublin. He guides the technical development of the Provenance Horizon 2020 project and he also leads the Digitally Enhanced Engagement strand at the large-scale ADAPT research centre (, which focuses on research on digital content technology and how people interact with it. Owen is ...

Professor Oscar Espiritusanto interview, provenance dictionnary definition

A scientist’s opinion: Interview with Professor Oscar Espiritusanto about the EU Project Provenance

Oscar Espiritusanto is a professor at the University Carlos III of Madrid at the Department of Journalism and Audiovisual Communication, and he teaches classes to master’s students on citizen journalism, participation, user-generated content, verification and human rights. As a researcher at Fundación Cibervoluntarios, he focuses on new audiences, fake news and misinformation to generate tools ...

provenance dictionnary definition

Provenance: ‘Stop and think’ before sharing online content

Challenging dis- information in the news requires a multi faceted, multi disciplinary and multi media approach. The EU funded project ‘Provenance’ focuses on helping people evaluate online content, equipping them with media literacy skills and discouraging the sharing of unreliable information. Could interventions like this change the dynamics of social sharing by encouraging engagement with high-quality content?

Perugia audience ESMH mission

Presentations of the ESMH for journalists in Italy

The ESMH presented its mission, activities and its facilities for journalists. They meet at three important journalism fora this spring. The International Journalism Festival (4 April, Perugia). The 7th national congress of science writers in Italy (19 March, Naples). And the International Science Journalism School (10 April, Erice).