Contributor: Rina Tsubaki

Rina Tsubaki ESMH contributorRina Tsubaki connects communities through design and systems thinking. Three years ago, she joined the European Forest Institute, an international science organisation, with a mission to build a bridge between journalism and science. Her initiative, the Lookout Station, connects media and science communities around the topic of climate change, and offers various opportunities to explore new ways to communicate and report about the issue.
Formerly with the European Journalism Centre, she has focused on designing programmes for journalists to master new methods to do better storytelling. She designed, developed and implemented initiatives like the Verification Handbook, a step-by-step guideline on how to verify user-generated contents for breaking news and how to document for investigative reporting, the News Impact series for editors, newsroom managers, start-ups, developers, designers all across Europe.

From COVID-19 to climate change seeing the issues beyond the news cycle

From COVID-19 to climate change: seeing the issues beyond the news cycle

COVID-19 and climate change may seem to belong to different worlds. However, direct causal links can be discovered by looking through a systems thinking lens. How should journalists and science communicators report on complex issues like climate change?

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A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Dr Leyla Acaroglu about systems thinking

Interview with Dr Leyla Acaroglu, founder of Disrupt Design and the UNEP Champion of the Earth. What is Systems Thinking and how does it help us understand issues like COVID-19 and climate change? Leyla Acaroglu: Systems Thinking is the ability to see the parts as well as the whole. When looking at phenomena like COVID-19 ...

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A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Cliona Howie Del Rio about systems thinking

Interview with Cliona Howie Del Rio, Head of Circular Economy at Climate-KIC and coordinator of CICERONE. We are living in a society full of uncertainty at the moment. What are the most urgent issues that need to be solved from your perspective? Cliona Howie Del Rio: The most urgent issue that needs to be solved ...

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A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Richard Fisher about systems thinking

Interview with Richard Fisher, senior editor at the BBC. You've spent a year at MIT as a Knight Science Journalism (KSJ) fellow to research 'short-termism' in today's society. What have you discovered? Richard Fisher: As a KSJ Fellow, I set out to answer a number of questions that I believe are important for understanding short-termism ...