Contributor: Naja Bentzen

Naja BENTZEN ESMH contributorNaja BENTZEN is a Policy Analyst in the External Policies Unit in the Members’ Research Service of the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS), where her work focuses mainly on disinformation-related issues, as well as the Eastern Partnership countries and the Arctic. Prior to joining EPRS, she worked as a media analyst in Vienna, Austria, and spent eight years reporting for Denmark’s leading weekly newspaper, Weekendavisen, covering Central and South-Eastern Europe. She studied linguistics, political science and Balkan studies in Denmark, Finland and Austria.

Coronavirus : a pandemic turning into an infodemic

Coronavirus : a pandemic scare turning into an infodemic

Pandemics have the potential to exacerbate underlying social tensions. And at times of crises — when emotions run high — online rumours spread particularly wide and fast.