Contributor: Liliia Hrytsai

Liliia Hrytsai profileLiliia Hrytsai is a Schuman trainee at the European Parliamentary Research Services (EPRS) working for the European Science-Media Hub within the European Parliament. With a background in political science, she is pursuing her doctoral degree at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (Lublin, Poland) focusing on sustainable urbanisation. Among her experience is a research cooperation with Baltic University Programme (BUP) and KU Leuven. Expressing her interest in climate change, since 2020 she has been a member of Youth Climate Council of Poland.

Earth planet in hourglass, Global warming concept

Science communication about climate change – what have we learned so far?

Interview on climate change with Dr Debbie Rosen, CONSTRAIN project. The EU-funded CONSTRAIN project is a consortium of 14 European partners tasked with developing a better understanding of the climate system and using this to improve global and regional climate projections for the next 20-50 years. We spoke with the project’s science and policy manager ...