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Contributor: Isabelle Szczepanski

Isabelle Szczepanski is a senioIsabelle Szczepanskir journalist and COO at, French media specializing in political, economical and legal news around the digital world. She regularly writes articles about issues such as copyright, tax, investment, cultural diversity, the future of media, and competition law, with a special focus on the work of the European institutions in these fields. She holds a PhD in European Law from the University of Paris II-Assas and used to be a competition law expert in the City of London.

A scientist's opinion : Mark Dubrulle about AI and Democracy

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Mark Dubrulle about AI and Democracy

Interview with Mark Dubrulle, president of the Club de Rome – EU Chapter. AI definitely is something we need, but I have doubts as to the capacity of present institutions to define a code that could be acceptable for everyone. In its draft report on AI, the European Parliament underlines that the development of AI ...

A scientist's opinion : Nicolas Spatola about AI and Democracy

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Nicolas Spatola about AI and Democracy

Several experiments have shown that AI could reproduce human cognitive bias such as sexism, racism and even become psychopathic.

Towards a democratically upgraded artificial intelligence

Towards a democratically upgraded Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence challenges democracies but democratic institutions, especially in the EU, are not mere bystanders and are in the process of supporting AI and providing a legal framing, through education and regulation.