Science & tech news ESMH Media Review – February 15, 2023

Machine learning, fusion energy & drug shortage: check out the ESMH selection of 41 science and tech news published in the last weeks on the web.

In the spotlight

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates: ChatGPT ‘will change our world’
reuters, 10.02.2023
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates believes ChatGPT, a chatbot that gives strikingly human-like responses to user queries, is as significant as the invention of the internet, he told German business daily Handelsblatt in an interview published on Friday.
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AI blunders like Google chatbot’s will cause trouble for more firms, say experts
guardian, 09.02.2023
The type of factual error that blighted the launch of Google’s artificial intelligence-powered chatbot will continue to trouble companies using the technology, experts say, as the market value of its parent company continues to plunge.
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The chatbot search wars have begun
wired, 09.02.2023
Microsoft, Google, and China’s Baidu all showed off ChatGPT-inspired technology to reinvent web search this week.
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ChatGPT is an existential crisis for Microsoft and Google, but not in the way they think
techradar, 09.02.2023
When platforms become publishers, all bets are legally off.
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Machine learning category timeline

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Digital transition

Digital transition press review picture

Should computers be in charge?
sciencebusiness, 05.01.2023
Some experts are sceptical about the application of AI to employment practices.
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Environmental sustainability

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West Estonian islands a model for UNESCO in sustainable nature use
bns-en, 10.02.2023
The Estonian islands of Hiiumaa, Muhu, Ruhnu, Saaremaa and Vormsi are joining forces as parts of the UNESCO-listed West Estonian Archipelago Biosphere Reserve to continue to preserve their natural diversity and introduce a green way of thinking in every area of life.
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Mobility & Energy

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Analysis: Shock of war hits a world economy at the crossroads
reuters, 10.02.2023
A year of war in Ukraine has already made a dent in world prosperity. But its deeper impact will be felt in how the conflict plays into shifts that were already reshaping the global economy before Russia’s tanks rolled in.
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Learning from the Sun to decarbonise Europe’s power with fusion energy
euractiv-en, 09.02.2023
Deemed as the “holy grail” of energy production, fusion is the process that powers the Sun and other stars and can be a game-changer for the future of zero carbon energy as it does not emit greenhouse gases, is virtually inexhaustible and safe. Fusion science and technology have a long history in Europe.
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Science policy & Communication

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Swedish presidency to home in on research infrastructures and open science policy
sciencebusiness, 09.02.2023
EU ministers talk about cooperation on data sharing and open science publishing at the kick off meeting for research and innovation policy under Sweden’s six-month EU presidency. Here’s what to expect in the coming months.
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Agriculture & Food

Agriculture & Food press review picture

Trade partners see red over Europe’s green agenda
politico-eu, 09.02.2023
The EU’s green ambitions are, for its trading partners, turning into a case of the road to hell being paved with good intentions. Developing nations, especially, worry that Brussels is throwing up trade barriers in its pursuit of climate neutrality and sustainable food production.
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Are coffee pods really eco-friendly? The truth behind the surprising findings
guardian, 10.02.2023
Coffee capsules notoriously produce waste – but some experts maintain that reducing how much coffee you use, even with a pod, can decrease emissions.
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Why Europe’s drug shortages may get worse
reuters, 08.02.2023
Most European countries reporting shortages of antibiotics; Low generic drug prices mean razor-thin margins for firms; Companies say they cannot boost output enough due to costs; Some say making generics in Europe is becoming unsustainable.
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Europe is running out of medicines
politico-eu, 09.02.2023
When you’re feeling under the weather, the last thing you want to do is trek from pharmacy to pharmacy searching for basic medicines like cough syrup and antibiotics. Yet many people across Europe — faced with a particularly harsh winter bug season — are having to do just that.
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EU initiatives

Study – Parliamentary oversight of governments’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic: Literature review – PE 740.217 – Special Committee on the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons learned and recommendations for the future
europarl, 25.01.2023
STUDY EPRS | European Parliamentary Research Service Ex-Post Evaluation Unit PE 740.217 – January 2023 EN Parliamentary oversight of governments’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic: Literature review EPRS | European Parliamentary Research Service Parliamentary oversight of governments’ response to….
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Curious news

The air around you affects how you play chess, scientists find
sciencealert, 10.02.2023
Air pollution can throw off your chess game, a new study finds. That’s bad news, especially if you already struggle with chess, but it’s also even worse than it sounds.
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