ESMH Media Review – April 8, 2021

Climate change, Covid-19 & EU research funds: check out the ESMH selection of 24 science and tech news published in the last weeks on the web.

In the spotlight

What keeps climate scientists up at night?
deutschewelle-en, 06.04.2021
Climate scientist Ruth Mottram studies the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets and sea level rise for the Danish Meteorological Institute, but it’s not the science that worries her. “I’m less concerned that there are unknown processes going on that we don’t understand, and there could potentially be some unforeseen catastrophe on the way,” she said.
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The two rules for eating to fight climate change
theatlantic, 06.04.2021
What’s for dinner? On a planet wracked by rising seas, expanding deserts, withering biodiversity, and hotter temperatures, that’s a fraught question to answer.
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The Daily Climate Show: Sky News programme dedicated to global crisis is launching this week
skynews, 06.04.2021
The Daily Climate Show is launching on Sky News on Wednesday – the first daily primetime news programme dedicated to climate change, which has become the single biggest global issue of our generation.
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Digital transition

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Korea emerges as global testing ground for mobility services
koreatimes, 06.04.2021
Uber, Google seek to capitalize on country’s advanced IT infrastructure By Kim Bo-eun The Korean market has become a test bed for global firms’ services due to the country’s advanced IT infrastructure and tech-savvy consumers.
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Smart cities for the future Digital, networked, sustainable
deutschewelle-en, 26.03.2021
Smart cities for the future. Many urban planners call smart cities the wave of the future. South Korea’s Songdo International Business District already offers smart living. Kyoto, Japan is also working on smart city solutions. But urban high tech may mean constant surveillance.
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Environmental sustainability

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How does nature renew itself?
idw-online, 29.03.2021
How does nature renew itself? A research group led by TU Darmstadt is looking for answers. Over the next four years, the DFG (German Research Foundation) is to finance a consortium that wants to know how nature renews itself.
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Gearing ourselves for a green economy
MaltaToday, 26.03.2021
The success of the Paris Agreement requires the EU to reduce its own emissions. An essential part of that success involves cooperation with our global partners.
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Mobility & Energy

Mobility & Energy press review picture

Electric cars can sound like anything. That’s a huge opportunity to craft the soundscape of the future
time, 06.04.2021
Pulling Ford’s new all-electric Mustang Mach-E out of a Brooklyn garage late this winter, I felt a little duped. It seemed more like I was driving a giant motorized iPad than the electrified successor to an iconic American muscle car.
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TU Eindhoven leads EU funded project to produce sustainable aviation fuel
sciencebusiness, 31.03.2021
Using low-cost and abundant feedstock, the EU funded project HIGFLY sets out to produce sustainable aviation fuels that can greatly reduce greenhouse emissions from airplanes.
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Agriculture & Food

Agriculture & Food press review picture

What’s really in your food? The facts about GMOs
CBSnews, 03.04.2021
Proponents say genetically modified foods promise lower costs and less pesticide use, while critics say the benefits of GMOs are overblown. Consumers Union senior scientist Michael Hansen joins CBSN to put the debate in perspective.
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New study suggests following a vegan diet could help control blood sugar for sufferers of type 2 diabetes
thecourier, 30.03.2021
Research has found that following a vegan diet could help people suffering from type 2 diabetes to keep their blood glucose levels under control.
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How will we remember the pandemic?
theatlantic, 06.04.2021
The stories you hold on to will be colored by your own experience—but also by the experiences of those around you.
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Here’s what happens to the brain under stress – from childhood to adulthood
forbes, 06.04.2021
Childhood stress in the time of Covid-19 may have long term mental and physical health effects. getty. Feeling stressed at times is of course a normal part of life and not necessarily a bad thing. It can focus how we react to dealing with specific problems or tasks, or can motivate a course of action to completion.
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Vaccine passports: how they work and why they’re so controversial
huffingtonpost-uk-en, 06.04.2021
As the UK slowly reopens after a grim winter under lockdown, one issue is proving to be particularly divisive: vaccine passports.
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Science policy & Communication

Science policy & Communication press review picture

UK scientists warn of ‘catastrophic’ impact of funding cuts
guardian, 31.03.2021
Senior scientists fear that deep cuts to government research spending will have “catastrophic” consequences for the UK, with projects cancelled midway through and some of the brightest minds moving to other countries.
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EU prepares new global research vision fit for post-COVID world
sciencebusiness, 11.03.2021
Early sketch of plan sees the bloc eager to revitalise US alliance, expand multilateral schemes and cajole China into opening up.
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EU initiatives

The Horizon Papers
sciencebusiness, 30.03.2021
What research will Horizon Europe, the EU’s new RD programme, fund? When will the European Commission publish calls for grant applications? All this is in the detailed Work Programmes that the Commission has been drafting for months.
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STOA study: Strategic communications as a key factor in countering hybrid threats
europarl-stoa, 15.03.2021
This report describes the key features, technologies and processes of strategic communications to counter hybrid threats and their components.
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Curious news

Climate change won’t be stopped by 593 pages of green tape
japantimes, 31.03.2021
Financing an innovative low-carbon economy is one of the defining challenges of our age, as Bill Gates argues in his new book. Energy transition will require $3.5 trillion annually — for decades. As we emerge from the pandemic, defining what counts as a green investment around the world will take on even greater significance.
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