EU project: FARE

FARE : The fight against fake news is real. People worldwide are exposed to large-scale disinformation, including misleading or false information. The European Commission has made it a priority to tackle the spread and impact of online disinformation (defined as ‘verifiably false or misleading information created, presented and disseminated for economic gain or to intentionally deceive the public’). It may cause public harm, threaten democracies, and put EU citizens’ health, security and environment at risk. The EU-funded FARE project will develop a strategy based on distributed computing as well as guidelines for the ethical handling of human-related Big Data. It will answer the following questions: What’s the role of cognitive biases? How does network architecture affect the strength of fake news?

Coordination: laboratory of instrumentation and experimental physics of lip particles, Portugal

Funding Scheme: ERC-STG – Starting Grant


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