🎞 Are we JournalAIsed ?

Artificial Intelligence tools are already affecting news production all over the world. Some of them could be very helpful in the future: but for the moment journalist still need to get familiarized with AI.

80 young journalists around Europe have been discussing how AI has landed on the newsroom at the EYSMD2019.  Find out the main outcomes of the event watching this video, produced by the journalists of the working group 1.

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• Can AI become your friend ?

As we prepare ourselves to enter the AI era, we should understand that our world is changing. Journalists can demystify AI and explain the advantages and disadvantages of this new technology.  Mićo Tatalović, the chairman of the Association of British Science Writers, shared his view on the topic during the European Youth Science & Media Days.
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• Robots in journalism or robot journalists ?

Journalism. Future. Artificial Intelligence is already part of our lives. But how helpful it would be in our work? The reporters, Angelina Grozeva and Georgi Genov, spoke with the leading experts, Bennie Mols, author of the book “Hello Robot” and Konstantinos Zachos, from the Inject Project.
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• How businesses are developing with AI

Julie Scherpenseel, a business developer and global operation lead at ML6, talks in the European Youth Science Media Days (EYSMD) about the growing perspectives for ML6 and the implementation of AI in different industries and the challenges that companies with an extensive legacy of IT face.
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