EU Project : COMPROP

EU project COMPROPCOMPROP objectives are to advance a) rigorous social and computer science on bot use, b) critical theory on digital manipulation and political outcomes, c) our understanding of how social media propaganda impacts social movement organization and vitality. This project is aimed to innovate through i) “real-time” social and information science actively disseminated to journalists, researchers, policy experts and the interested public, ii) the first detailed data set of political bot activity, iii) deepened expertise through cultivation of a regional expert network able to detect bots and their impact in Europe.

Political bots are already being deployed over social networks in Europe. COMPROP puts the best methods in social and computer science to work on the size of the problem and the possible solutions.

Coordination : The Chancellor, University of Oxford

Funding Scheme : ERC-COG – Consolidator Grant

Web-link :

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