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Guilherme Wood interview on Neurorights: image of a hand, that manipulates the mind of another person, isolated and toned

Neurorights: Do our brains need to be protected by legislation?

Interview with Prof. Guilherme Wood on the Neurorights Today we stand on the threshold of a new revolution: neurotechnology – devices and procedures that seek to access, assess, emulate and act on neural systems – is booming. Driven by new developments in artificial intelligence, they can be used for medical purposes, such as helping paralysed ...

Virtual reality medicine and medical education technology as the human body and disease see through a VR headset as a healthcare exploration simulation

Virtual and augmented reality in education: huge benefits, but also ethical concerns

Over the last decade, people have been suggesting that digital immersive technologies (DITs) such as virtual reality and augmented reality could supplement - or even replace - a variety of education activities of schools and universities. These technologies can create lifelike virtual environments for the students. What are the opportunities, but also: what are the ...