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ESMH science media days 2022:Patricia Fernández Lis interview

Science Media Days in Madrid: Interview with Patricia Fernández de Lis

Interview with Patricia Fernández de Lis, multi award winning science and technology journalist and Chief-Editor of Materia, El País’ science section. Based on your long experience, what makes a good science journalist? Patricia Fernández de Lis: Although I cannot say that there is a fixed recipe, there are some general characteristics of good journalists. First, ...

ESMH science media days 2022: Pampa Molina interview

Science Media Days in Madrid: Interview with Pampa García Molina

Interview with Pampa García Molina, journalist, writer and editor on science, technology, health, and environment. From 2011 to 2022 she was editor-in-chief of Agencia SINC, a Spanish news agency specialised in science. Now she is editor-in-chief of, an independent office that provides resources and reliable content to cover science-related news. How did come ...

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Coronavirus: Journalists, researchers and policy-makers discuss tackling misinformation at ESMH event

Everyone is looking for news during the Covid-19 crisis and traditional media play an important role in providing people with reliable health information during the pandemic and helping them to navigate through the effects of the virus. However, misinformation and false information have also increased during the crisis. This particularly affects vulnerable sections of society ...

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Corona: Is misinformation more contagious than the virus?

Virtual event for science journalists, Monday 28 September 2020, 10:00-12:00 via WEBEX.