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Blockchain & Society EU project

EU Project : Blockchain & Society

Blockchain Society studies the societal impact of blockchain technologies from a law and policy perspective. They are thinking about questions such as: How are blockchain applications governed? What internal factors contribute to the success of a blockchain application? How do different societal domains deal with blockchain technologies and their potential disruptive effect? What are the ...

EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum EU project

EU Project : EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum

EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum : The European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum aims to accelerate blockchain innovation and the development of the blockchain ecosystem within the EU, and so help cement Europe’s position as a global leader in this transformative new technology. This project monitor blockchain initiatives in Europe, produce a comprehensive source of blockchain ...

Decode EU project

EU Project : DECODE

DECODE is a response to people’s concerns about a loss of control over their personal information on the internet. The ability to access, control and use personal data has become a means by which internet companies can drive profits. The people who create much of this data have lost control over how it is used. ...

Libra and cryptocurrency challenges for Europe

Libra and cryptocurrency challenges for Europe

Facebook’s announcement that it would introduce a cryptocurrency sparked a debate about the added value, security and regulatory aspects of virtual currencies. What lessons can the EU draw ahead of the potential launch of Libra in 2020?