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The potential of digital well-being in times of physical social distancing

Digital well-being tools hold the promise of empowering users to regain control of time spent online. How successful are these tools during the Covid-19 global pandemic?

A scientist’s opinion : interview with Naomi Anne Fineberg about Screen addiction

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Prof. Naomi Anne Fineberg about screen addiction

Interview with Prof. Naomi Anne Fineberg, Consultant Psychiatrist at Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT). There is consensus on the need for more study of Problematic Use of the Internet. Can you tell me about the background to establishing the COST Action 'European Network for Problematic Usage of the Internet' and writing the Manifesto ...

EU project : NET&ME

EU Project : NET&ME

NET&ME : Growing global concern about the public health and societal costs of problematic use of the internet, which has an estimated prevalence of 6% among the general population and which is increasingly recognised to affect children and young people, represents an emerging challenge for mental health research. The internet is now an integral part ...

Harms of the internet to individuals, culture and society

STOA study : Harms of the internet to individuals, culture and society

It is increasingly recognised that the internet, in spite of all its benefits to society, can also be correlated with significant harms to individuals and society.

The Growing Threat of internet addiction

The growing threat of internet addiction

Excessive and problematic internet use is increasingly recognised as a potential threat to public health.