Scientist: Zsolt Demetrovics

Prof. Zsolt Demetrovics is Dean of the Faculty of Education and Psychology, Director of the Institute of Psychology and Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology & Addiction at the Eötwös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary; As a clinical psychologist specialised in addiction, Demetrovicz is involved in numerous research projects looking at problematic internet use, and consequently participates in the work of the new European Problematic Use of the Internet Network (EU PUI). Many different forms of problematic online behaviour are included within the PUI term: gaming; video streaming; viewing pornography; shopping; social media use.


A scientist’s opinion : interview with Zsolt Demetrovics about Screen addiction

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Prof. Zsolt Demetrovics about screen addiction

Interview with Zsolt Demetrovics, Professor of psychology at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary. Gaming is the most problematic internet related activity today. What is the better predictor of PUI, psychiatric symptoms or time spent online? Zsolt Demetrovics: Time spent online is not the best predictor of internet related problems. There is an association, ...

The Growing Threat of internet addiction

The growing threat of internet addiction

Excessive and problematic internet use is increasingly recognised as a potential threat to public health.