Scientist: Sarah Rachel Davies

Sara Davies ESMH ScientistSarah Rachel Davies is based at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where her work focuses on the relationship between science and society. Her recent work includes the books Science Communication: Culture, Identity and Citizenship (2016, with Maja Horst) and Hackerspaces: Making the Maker Movement (2017).

The QUEST for better science communication in Europe

The QUEST for better science communication in Europe

A major new EU research project is mapping the state of science communication through journalism, social media and museums in several European countries. The goal is to inform future efforts based on a better understanding of communicating science, as well as to produce guides on best practice.

Sarah Rachael Davies Interviewed by Interviewed by Mićo Tatalović about the QUEST Project about the QUEST Project

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Sarah Rachael Davies about the QUEST project

Journalism generally is undergoing significant structural changes, as legacy media find it harder to survive. Traditional science reporting is under intense pressure.