Scientist: Rose Luckin

Pedro De BruyckerePedro De Bruyckere is a Flemish educational scientist at Arteveldehogeschool in Gent (Belgium) and Leiden University (Netherlands).

Rose Luckin, A woman writing on a blocknote and watching a laptop

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Prof. Rose Luckin about digital education

Rose Luckin is a professor at University College London. She is also the director of EDUCATE, a London based hub for educational technology start-ups, researchers and educators. What is your own favourite tool in digital education? Rose Luckin: It’s not so much a tool as a way of thinking. It’s helping people to understand how ...

A woman writing on a blocknote and watching a laptop

Digital education in times of lockdown – A massive real-life experiment

Worldwide lockdowns forced education to move online all of a sudden. Despite the great potential of digital education, the everyday practice proved to be unruly. While existing inequalities continued to grow, on the positive side students, teachers and parents became more confident in using digital tools.