Scientist: Rosa Arias

Rosa Arias ESMH ScientistRosa Arias is a Chemical Engineer at the University of Barcelona and MSc in Energy with distinction at Heriot‐Watt University (Edinburgh). She is the Founder of the startup Science for Change, the creator of the citizen science App OdourCollect, to build collaborative odour maps based on citizen observations, and the coordinator of the Horizon 2020 Project D‐NOSES at the Ibercivis Foundation, which aims to change the paradigm of traditional odour management using open science tools. She also coordinates the Horizon 2020 Project NEWSERA, which wants to integrate citizen science in science communication, as a tool to open up science and innovation to society.

Rosa Arias, 2 farmers in a rapeseed field

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Rosa Arias about citizen science

Interview with Rosa Arias, CEO of Science for Change, coordinator for the NEWSERA project, which aims to use citizen science to improve science communication. How is citizen science developing as a field? Rosa Arias: I hope it will become bigger and bigger. It's receiving quite a lot of support by the European Commission, and at ...

2 farmers in a rapeseed field

Citizen science meets science communication

An ambitious new project aims to develop new ways of communicating about science through the growing army of people volunteering their time to take part in research.