Scientist: Pieter van Wesemael

Prof Pieter van Wesemael ESMH ScientistPieter van Wesemael is professor of Urbanism and Urban Architecture at the Eindhoven University of Technology. He is responsible for the Living Cities research program. He has published widely on topics related to sustainable evolutionary urban development, based on a contextual and systemic understanding of its inherent path dependencies.

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Smart urban planning starts with interdisciplinary thinking and action

While the concept of smart cities has been around for three decades, a growing criticism has shaken the grounds of 21st century urban planning worldwide. Experts and researchers of various fields have recognized that the future of smart city planning is multidisciplinary, and the search for common grounds between technological innovation, social justice and environmental protection, made all the more vital by the Covid-19 crisis.

Prof Pieter van Wesemael interview, skyline of modern city with skyscrapers and blue sky

A scientist’s opinion : Interview with Prof Pieter van Wesemael about smart cities

Insight of a researcher: An interview with Pieter van Wesemael on smart city planning and sustainable urban development. Pieter van Wesemael, professor of urbanism: "The process of “smartification” is inevitable unless people intend to live in a 19th century fashion. Sustainability, environmental protection and local traditions, on the other hand, must be integrated into modern ...